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The Technology Analysis Of LED Solar Street Light By Flying Lighting Aug 05, 2018

The design principle and precautions of LED solar street lamps applied to outdoor lighting were analyzed item by item, and the actual engineering project cases were used to analyze and compare the technical and economic aspects of LED street lamps and other energy-saving lamps, achieving the goal of development of new energy and promotion of new  technology.

According to estimates of relevant data, the average conversion efficiency of solar cells in 2018 should reach more than 20%, and the price should be reduced by half. That means, half of the electricity we use for lighting may come from solar energy, achieving the goal of green lighting product from PN junction to PN junction. With the power shortage, LED solar road lamps with many advantages such as energy saving and environmental protection have great development potential, and the prices of LED lamps, solar panels and solar batteries are also decreasing. On the contrary, due to environmental protection and service life restrictions of common energy-saving lamps, they will gradually be eliminated.


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