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Adjusting Controller Of Street Light Nov 01, 2017

Should choose a Low-power controller, the controller 24 hours of uninterrupted work, such as its own large power consumption, it will consume some power, it is best to choose the power consumption under 1 MA controller. In order to select the controller with high charging efficiency, the controller with MCT charging mode can automatically track the maximum current of the battery board, especially in the period of winter or insufficient illumination, the MCT charging mode is about 20% more efficient than others.Street Light

Should choose a two-way control power controller, the controller with power regulation has been widely promoted, in the night pedestrian scarce time can automatically close the way or two lights, save electricity, but also for the LED Lamp power regulation. In addition to selecting the above power-saving functions, also should pay attention to the controller to the battery and other components of the protection function, such as a trickle charging mode of the controller can be very good protection of the battery, increase the life of the battery, in addition to set the controller under pressure protection value, as far as possible to adjust the Undervoltage protection value in ≥11.Street Light

Safe, efficient, energy-saving and no other pollution, the process of charging and using the switch is automatic control, no manual operation, stable and reliable work, saving electricity and power resources, maintenance-free, the practicability of solar street lamps has been fully recognized by people, the introduction is based on the Single-chip microcomputer Solar Street controller design,Street Light 

For 12V and 24V battery can be automatically recognized, can realize the scientific management of the battery, can indicate the battery over pressure, undervoltage and other operating conditions, and has two load output, each load rated current can reach 5 A, two-way load can be set at random at the same time light, time-sharing light, individual timing and other working mode, At the same time, the load of over-current, short-circuit protection and other functions, and has a higher degree of automation and intelligence.Street Light

When the battery voltage is below the protection voltage (11V), the controller automatically closes the load switch to protect the battery from damage. Through the PWM charging circuit (intelligent three-stage charge), the solar panel can exert maximum effect and improve the system charging efficiency. The system supports the reverse, overcharge and release of the battery.Street Light